Cliqueshare’s image focused platform aims to increase efficiencies of team collaboration and enrich client relationships through visual communication.


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Create Efficiencies

Streamline your visual communication process from multiple tools that do not speak to each other to one centralized platform and save time and money.


Accelerate Revenue

Share insights that directly drive consumer traffic and increase sales.


Enhance Customer Experience

Fosters enhanced customer experience driving additional business, revenue, and brand loyalty


Easily Upload & Download

Cliqueshare allows registered users to easily upload photos & videos to a Cliqueboard along with the ability to easily download selected media to their local library.

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File Quality

Unlike many applications that store images after lowering image quality, all of your image assets are saved in their original quality resolution and securely backed up in the Amazon Web Service cloud.


Image Protection & Organization

Future product development will allow businesses to protect images by preventing downloads in an entire environment or lock individual images. Image tagging and filter, sort & search capabilities will also be added.


Frequently Asked Questions


Have a question about Cliqueshare? Here are the common ones. If you don’t see your question here feel free to contact us anytime.

I downloaded Cliqueshare, what do I do next?

Thank you for joining! After you have an account, you may select the ‘+’ symbol at the bottom of the screen to add a Cliqueboard. This will be your first private ‘board’ where you can start by inviting people you would like to include by selecting the person icon.

What is a Cliqueboard?

A Cliqueboard (or ‘board’) is a digital medium where specific users are invited to view and collaborate mixed media including photos, videos and more. Cliqueboard members can then comment, favorite or download media (if permission enabled).

What types of media can I upload?

In the current version, you can upload photos, videos (up to 2 minutes) and WordArt. We plan to add more file formats in the next versions.

Who can see what I post or share in a board?

Cliqueshare is a private, closed social network, therefore, only the people within each of your boards can see what you publish.

Is there any way to download a Cliqueboard to my image library?

Yes, when you are in the ‘three images wide’ view, press and hold an image to enter ‘batch mode’. Select the images you would like to download and select the down arrow icon.

Is there a desktop version?

Yes. Access to the web-based Cliqueshare platform is easily accessible on Apple and personal computers through a number of standard web browsers including Chrome, IE/Edge, Safari and Firefox at Cliqueshare Online.